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July 13, 2011
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The land of Skyrim by Sinobali The land of Skyrim by Sinobali
The dragon are not 100% correct, I made this a few months before it was even released yet

Tools: Paintool Sai Full, final color balance in Photoshop

Duration: 30 hours + ( usually it doesnt take this long but I was experimenting alot with this piece, especially the background )

Comments: At first I didnt even want to feature a dragon, then i figured it wouldnt be Skyrim without them dragons..weird enough it only took around 6hours for the dragon and a whole 20+hour for the Dovahkin. and he didnt even have a face!

Resolution : 1900x1100 resolution(no stupid watermark)

Reeditted crazy contrast from before, editted for a more enb feel to this lol

Visit me if you have time :iconsinobali:
:icongouseplz::iconthisartplz: credit me if you want to, if not i dont really care lol
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1rafabud Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
The final battle in Sovengarde.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
"Is this the best you can do?!"
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Dragon: "Yes....but unlike you, I have help."

[A MASSIVE dragon, with scales glimmering like black diamonds, slams down out of the sky like a living meteor. The titan glares down at the tiny hero]

Dragon: "Say hello to my wife, you shaved ape!" :evillaugh:

Dragoness: "Wait a're that damn adventurer who called me fat back in that jungle! YOU'RE LUNCH!!"

Hero Guy: :fear: "Oh, bollocks..."
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
HA! What a twist!
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Protip: When facing down a female dragon, NEVER call her fat/say her butt is big/etc. unless you know FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT you won't run into her again. :D
john-crafteta Featured By Owner Edited 6 hours ago
My Dovahkiin would then proceed to shred apart both dragons. Given the fact that he's all but a god. Or given the mods I have installed he'd just invite them back to his house in falkreath for a cup of tea!
Dovahkinn1 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg that's beautiful.
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LightingLife Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
 the Dragonborn is highly professionally created as well as everything else...though Alduin nearly looked like Godzilla at first 
LatiLove Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you dont mind; i removed the sky part of the background and made it transparent, and printed this onto an A4 transparent sticker sheet for my laptop :) it looks AMAZING
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